Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where I Am Now

I know that "Where I Am Now" posts are not particularly fun to read, but since my blog has been dead lately, I figured I should give a short explanation before I lose every reader but my wife.

In short, I resigned from the church I pastored this past Sunday. It has been a difficult time for all concerned. For this reason, I have not had either the heart or inclination to write here much. One, the trouble has consumed both my time and energy, leaving little room for creative thought. Secondly, I did not want anything written here to be misconstrued, so I felt it wise not to write much at all. I plan on blogging again in the near future, perhaps even this week, but as best as I am able I will steer clear of the controversy.

I will only note here that my family and I are well, we harbor no ill feelings toward any, and as always, we are in the hands of a sovereign God who does all things well.