Monday, June 12, 2006

Is Blogging a Good Thing?

From time to time, the topic comes up on blogs as to why we blog. More pointedly, the question is often asked as to whether or not this trend is healthy or not, or whether or not it is beneficial. I have given this some serious thought of late as my schedule has become increasingly busy and I haven't had the time to blog that I might wish. If I had to boil it down to some very positive motivations for blogging, here they are. And I believe they are exceedingly good ones.

First, I find blogging to be a sort of journal. It is a place where I can capture my thoughts on things, especially Scripture, from day to day. That is a definite plus.

Secondly, I find it healthy to have my ideas challenged or confirmed "publicly." This sharpens my witness, my theology, and my ability to communicate with clarity. More than once I have landed in a blog 'discussion' simply because I was unclear from the outset. Again, I find this to be very positive.

Thirdly, reading blogs keeps me up to date with the current trends of theology and church so I can prepare myself. I did not even know that such a thing as the "emergent church" even existed before I read blogs. This is decidedly helpful information to have.

Fourthly, blogs often make me laugh. I enjoy a good laugh.

Fifthly, I find blogs to be helpful devotionally. Because it is a popular medium, few blogs go into depth on topics. So they are more helpful for a quick thought to move the mind and soul towards godly reflection or meditation.

Sixthly, blogs are an excellent source for further investigation of matters. While few blogs go into depth on theological topics, they may raise questions that spur one to further investigation and can even point the way to good sources for further study.

The greatest danger I see in blogging and the reading of blogs is that it can be a serious time consumer. Especially for you folks who read blogs while you are on the clock. Be responsible with that. Of course, I have heard of people who get sucked into this "on-line world" and sort of live there. Don't do that; it's weird. Learn to have stimulating conversations with people face to face and you won't need the online world so much. It is a nice place to visit, but you can't live here.

That's it for my profundity concerning the blogosphere. You can let me know what you think in the comment section.


Even So... said...


It keeps me sharp, it helps my congregation in a tangential way, and I enjoy it. I view it as part of my devotional times. That is why I come here so often, and to Daniel's place, and over to the Pyros, of course.

Keep it up, and BTW, how is the Lasic surgery stuff now that its been a while: if I ever have the $, and could justify the expense, perhaps, so let us know, ok?

Sojourner said...


The Lasik surgery went well. I have nearly 20/20 I think. I'll find out in around a week for certain. I do not think that I had the result that most have, but I really can't complain. That is, around 95% get 20/20 or better. I'm thinking that I'm around 20/30 or 20/40. But considering I was around 20/400, that's a major improvement.

By the way, I linked you earlier today. That should boost you by probably 2 hits a day.:) No need to thank me.

BugBlaster said...

Good post Brad. Agreed with all your points, and was relieved that you ceased with sixthly.