Monday, September 18, 2006

More on the Pope and Islam

You can find the latest article on the ongoing saga between the Pope and Islam here. Here are some of the quotes that I find disturbing:
We shall break the cross and spill the wine ... God will (help) Muslims to conquer Rome ... (May) God enable us to slit their throats, and make their money and descendants the bounty of the mujahideen. let me get this straight. The Pope criticizes Islam because he sees elements in it that lead to radical violence, and they protest by asking their god to give them the ability to "slit their throats."

Further, the comments made by the Pope pale in comparision to the ridicule of the Muslim reaction. They want to "break the cross" and "spill the wine," besides the fact that they want our stuff for their own.

Remember, the Pope claims to be a direct successor to Peter the Apostle. Now, when Peter or Paul or an early disciple stirred up a pagan crowd, did they immediately begin to apologize that they had offended the sensibilities of the worshippers of false gods? Did they call their religion respectable and worthy in any way? This capitulation to the demands of Muslims is saddening. If Islam were a respectable religion, then they could take the heat of criticism without resorting to murdering nuns and dreaming of slitting the throats of their critics.


Les Puryear said...


You are right on the mark with your remarks about this controversy. It's ridiculous for the Pope to say that his remarks were not his views. We've got too many people intimidated into apoplogizing for truth. Shame on him for backing down.

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jazzycat said...

Great points. Apology and appeasement never work with thugs.

Cal Wallace said...

Hey Brad,

You've been tagged.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Yeah, the double standards and hypocrisy are remarkable.

Jim said...

Brad, are you still around?

Daniel said...

I too am curious about Brad's extended absence.

Brad - I do hope all is well?

Daniel said...

Wait - school started! I get it now. Brad is just busy with real life.