Friday, October 20, 2006

The Best Day of My LIfe

I thought I'd offer up a deep thought here on Friday while I'm trying to catch up from vacation. Next week, I'll get back to Hebrews, eschatology, and whatever.

I remember having a conversation once with a couple of guys who were not-so-committed believers. I was sort of a silent listener on the conversation. They were talking about life and such, and I was looking for an opportunity to encourage them in the gospel.

The course of the conversation turned to the speculative, "What do you think will be the best day of your life." At the time, we were all single and penniless, so that pretty much meant we hadn't yet seen some of the greater joys God graciously gifts us with.

I believe that after much discussion, one of the fellows decided that his marriage day would be the greatest day of his life. I thought that was a noble sentiment, and so I nodded in agreement that, if God willed, marrying someone would truly be a great day. The other decided that, if God allowed, he believed that having a child might be the most joyful experience that God might give. Again, it's hard to argue with that sort of statement. I again nodded thoughtfully.

They then asked me what I believed would be the greatest day of my life. Honestly, I hadn't really thought about it much before that day, but I knew that my answer would reflect my values, and ultimately, my allegiance and love for my Lord.

I thought about saying the day that God saved me, but that seemed too cliche. I wanted an answer that would provoke a little more thought. They would expect that answer. Even though it would be a fantastic answer, I decided against it.

Finally, I had it. I told them that I hoped with all my heart that my greatest day would be the day that I died. They looked a bit perplexed, and so I offered my explanantion. It went something like this.

"They say that when you die, your entire life passes before your eyes. I don't know if that's true, but if it is, I don't want that vision can be beautiful, or it can be a nightmare. I hope that someday God will allow me to be married, for that would truly be a longing in my heart that God would fulfill. And having children would be a wonderful gift from God, and I have no doubt that such joy would be deep beyond expression. I also thought about the day that I was saved. That was certainly a day of joy, and an event whose ramifications I am still learning to love more.

I chose the day of my death to be my finest day for several reasons. If God should choose to give me one of His daughters to be my wife, then I pray that on the day that I day, I may look back and see that God kept me faithful to her. And if God should grant me children, I pray that on the day of my passing I will see them grown strong in the service of the Lord. And most of all, I pray that on the day I die I will look back over my life and find that God has kept me faithful to the calling that He placed on my life, that I will have served Him without disgrace, and that I will be confident that I will meet Him unashamed. If my life ends with such assurance, then it will truly be the greatest day of my life."

I still stand by that answer. I pray that the best day of my life will be the day that the Lord brings me home. May God grant me such a joyful day.


Lisa said...

I remember as a child hearing a sermon on Jesus' imminent return (don't hear much about that anymore). It scared me to death. I distinctly remember looking out my window of my bedroom nearly in tears begging Jesus not to come back. There were things I wanted to do and I was afraid I would miss out. Sure, there are many joys of this life that God graciously blesses us with, but hanging on to the blessings of this world with the idea that death and heaven will somehow cheat us reflects a faulty understanding of all that awaits us. To live is indeed Christ, but to die...what gain!

Thanks for the reminder to live my life worthy of the calling I have received...

P.S. Thanks for the link!

Daniel said...

Brad - even before you answered the question, as I started reading your post I had answered the question exactly as you had - the day that I see my Lord will truly be the greatest day of my life.