Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blog Changes Coming Up, Stay Tuned

I am revamping both the look and content of this blog. If all goes well, I will be pursuing a Ph.D in Church History beginning this fall, and the blog will soon change to reflect that. I will update more as the template look progresses. I'm probably going to change everything from the layout to the title of this blog. I hope that you will find the new blog a better resource and more edifying. Your comments are appreciated.


The Mgt. (That's me, Brad)


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Where will you take your doctorate?

Sojourner said...


I'll be working on it at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Waterfall said...

Hey Brad, just stopping by to say hi. I haven't been reading blogs regularly for the last couple of months and was surprised not to be met with the green I've come to associate with this blog! I'm looking forward to seeing the changes. See y'all in May.

Sojourner said...

Great to "see" you here again! I'm looking forward to May. I believe that the church's 100th celebration is going to be a wonderful experience.

Matt Brown said...

I'm glad you kept the frog, but I miss the Native American headress.

MColvin said...



How could you??!!!

You should ABSOLUTELY know that change nevers brings about anything good! Why can't you just do it the way you've always done it!!!!

Ok...turn off cynical button now.

I like the look. Thumbs up.