Monday, June 11, 2007

Remember the Alamo!

Dear friends, my wife and I are on a much needed trip to San Antonio. Theorectically, we're supposed to be going to the Southern Baptist Convention. In reality, I want to spend my time on the Riverwalk and at Six Flags. I think that we'll mix it up and do a little of both.

As for the continuing series on the responsibilities of Church membership and Church planting, I will continue that soon. Depends on my down time here in San Antonio. I'll leave you with this thought though since I'm in Alamo City: Why did a handful of volunteers stay in a tiny Church mission against overwhelming odds? My answser: They stayed to fight because they beleived that what they were fighting for was worth dying for. More on this when I return from the tour.


Matt Brown said...

Dude! You'll be going to Six Flags in San Antonio? I'll be going to Six Flags near Louisville, KY, on Thursday. Wouldn't it be cool if there were some kind of Star Trek transporter through the parks that we could visit one another? That would be sweet.

Matt Brown said...

Actually, I'll be there later today... Friday the 15th. Whoa! Look at the time - I better get to bed!