Saturday, July 14, 2007

Knockdown Argument

The argument over the sinfulness of man continues in the comments over at The Evangelical Outpost. Matthew Goggins is arguing that man isn't totally depraved. Here's his reasoning:

Although I do think your phrase, "the Christian doctrine of human depravity" is a bit overwrought. The traditional orthodox church would have made reference, instead, to a doctrine of "original sin", a phrase which I believe better conveys the nuances of your views.

But what have I myself been saying about this doctrine?

I'm not saying that you can't find it in the Bible. Of course you can.

And I'm not saying it wasn't a doctrinal pillar of the Christian church for many centuries. Of course it was.

And I wasn't even saying that the doctrine says we are 100% evil, as opposed to 51% evil or whatever percentage you are claiming it to be.

All I was saying is that this particular bit of biblical wisdom is just flat out wrong.


Because it is.

Follow the link from the previous post to read the rest, if you want to. This reasoning reminds me of why my son now believes he can do anything he wants by inserting, "Because I said so" at the end. Of course, he's two, and we're trying to deal with that.


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At least he's consistent. The guy doesn't believe in the bible and admits it.