Friday, October 05, 2007

Baby's Heartbeat

Yesterday, I had the privilege of taking my wife to the doctor, the baby doctor, that is. We are now 11 weeks pregnant. After a brief check-up, the doctor asked us if we would like to try and hear the baby's heartbeat. Of course, we answered with an enthusiastic, "Yes!"(Does anyone ever answer "No" to that question?)

The doctor told us not to get our hopes up. There was only about a 50-50 chance that we would be able to hear the heartbeat this early. Amazingly, she stuck that gizmo on my wife's belly and immediately we heard the heartbeat loud and clear. 156 beats a minute. Praise the Lord! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to spend the rest of the day googling baby heartbeats to see if I can figure out if the baby's a boy or a girl.


jazzycat said...

Congratulations on the baby. Is there a story about the frog in the photo?

Brad Williams said...

No real story, except that soon after that picture we skinned him, fried him, and ate him. I wasn't so sure how he'd taste at the time.

MColvin said...

156/minute usually signals a boy. Of course, that's only 50% accurate.