Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Wonderful Post

Go over and read Tim Brister's reflection piece on something that occured on his birthday. You can check it out here. It is entitled "The Cross isn't Sexy: A Dying Man's Confession." Seriously. Go read it.

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MC said...

Great post written by this individual. I agree with almost everything he says, beyond one statement, and clarification could help resolve it. Think about this comment, "The cross isn't sexy, the cross is offensive."

1. Yes, I agree, the cross isn't sexy, shouldn't have to go there. I pretty sure by sexy, he means "cool" or "hip". It definitely isn't a fashion statement.

2. The cross is offensive? when I first read this, I took this comment from a Christian's perspective, but I'm not sure that is what he means, or maybe it is. Is the cross offensive to me? No. Why? It's beautiful in the fact that it's God's perfect will coming to completion at the time. It's the vehicle that supplies the chosen with eternal salvation. In these aspects, it's beautiful, not offensive. The thought of what our Savior experiencing rips my soul, but I understand it was God's will and purpose. For that reason only, I can swallow the thought of the occurence. Maybe the author meant the cross is offensive to the nonbeliever. That, I can agree with. The nonbeliever is often offended by what the cross presents, although the adornment of one in today's society is not indicative of your beliefs.

Just got me to thinking today. That's a good thing.