Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What if Barak Obama Wins?

I make no secret as to my 'one issue' voter status in elections. That is, if someone is pro-abortion, they do not get my vote. Period. So I will not be voting for Barak Obama this November. I will say that if he changed his position on that issue, then I would consider him a viable candidate.

I do not think that it will bring absolute disaster for Sen. Obama to be elected. I see many positives in his candidacy. He would be the first African American president. That is good news for our country, and hopefully his election would serve to break down barriers of racial distrust. To put it bluntly, Barak Obama cannot get elected unless white folks vote for him. They will vote for him, and I think that he might win.

So what will happen if Barak Obama is elected? One, our taxes will go up. There is no way that Sen. Obama can fund his healthcare proposals without raising taxes. I am semi-okay with that. My healthcare is going up $100 a month this year for lesser coverage. I simply cannot afford that sort of hike each year, and I am hoping that if Sen. Obama is elected that his plan will help. Some are concerned that electing a democrat means more 'big governement.' Well...can he do worse than what we've seen in the last eight years? Seriously? Government spending is absolutely out of control.

Secondly, our President will not be pro-life. This saddens me beyond belief. I will pray that God will show Sen. Obama the horror of mangling children in their mother's womb. But I will say that we have seen eight years of a pro-life president who has done little, it seems, except appoint a couple of 'conservative' justices. How many appointees have Presidents Reagan, Bush 1, and Bush 2 had? Why is it that Roe hasn't been overturned already? I'm inclined to believe that a truly pro-life President could do more than wait for Supreme Court Justices to retire. If you really believe that abortion is murder, then we are in a holocaust. That should not be a back-burner issue if you really believe that.

Other than that, I have no idea what will happen. Does anyone actually believe or feel sorry for oil companies profit margins lately or CEO's who have basically beaten the American public out of nearly $2 trillion?? I hope that something will be done about that. I hope that God will bless our next President, and I hope that he will have an easier time than President Bush has had. He was President during a very trying time.

Maybe I am too optimistic. Perhaps the comments will correct my cheery disposition at the prospect of an Obama presidency.


adamtown64 said...

Interesting comments Brad. As a conservative Christian like yourself, I am personally prone to fear Obama becoming President....but that is wrong, since the Scriptures tell us to "be anxious for nothing" (Phil.)
Perhaps your take reflects your trust in our "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" who raises up kingdoms and brings them low at His bidding.
I do think you are dead on regarding abortion: It is a holocaust. It is scary to imagine how numb I have become to this issue. I remember back in the early 1990's this was a red hot issue for Christians but it seems we have waned in our zeal here.
I must repent.

Kirk said...

What about gay marriage? And defense of Israel? I don't want to be on the end of "cursed are those who curse you".

As far as healthcare, I have seen what government has done to social security and the public schools (I am a liscensed teacher in Minnesota) and I for one don't want the government running healthcare! My husband was laid off 7 months ago and we went out on our own with Healthcare and we pay HALF of the amount we did with his company in premiums. Our deductible is higher, but we have a 3 months emergency fund (which everyone should have) and we can cover that deductible and save when we don't use it.

I am very curious about this phenomena of Christians voting for Obama (which I realize you aren't). Our problems will not be solved in Washington, but I am astounded how differently evangelicals view this.

Thanks for your posts. I appreciated your one on Mormonism as my husband comes from a Mormon family.