Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fashion Confession

I do not understand fashion very well. I refuse to believe that this is simply due to the fact that I am a hetero-sexual man. I think it is because fashion is sometimes non-sense.

For example, I briefly visited the Gap with my wife today, and I came face to face with my most hated fashion trend: worn-out clothing sold as new clothing.

Why on earth would you want to buy something that people purposefully wore out? Why not just buy something new and then use it until it is thread bare? By this same logic, I should go out and sell my 1990 Ford Ranger for a hefty sum. No one would do that. Better yet, why doesn't Chevrolet start building trucks with dents in them? And rusty holes?

If you want the luxury of "holey" clothing, just hang on to the ones you have long enough and you'll have them. My wife throws out my old clothes, and then we buy worn out ones? I live in a crazy world.


Cal Wallace said...

Hey Brad, I'm with you. It seems totally sheep like to follow the trends. Particularly this kind, but the masses will tend to express their individuality in a cookie-cutter way as their master dictates to them. It is not economically sound either. A cousin of mine went to Good Will and bought some old jeans for a couple of dollars and sliced them up with a razor and then washed them several times. They looked like something he would have paid fifty bucks for when he was finished. Not my choice in fashion but a more sensible arrival if that's where you want to go.

Philip said...

Maybe they wanna show their total depravity in the clothes they wear.