Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I Still in America?

This story is so bizarre, so "nanny-state", so irritating that it actually brought me out of "dying blog syndrome." I cannot believe that any government, local, state, or federal, has become so pampering and parental that they feel they must now make Happy Meal toys illegal for the sake of our children.

Wow. Here's the link:


Everyday Mommy© said...

Nanny state? How about fascist lite.

I also really appreciated your comments on the post at Pyromaniacs yesterday, especially...

"May concern is that in our efforts to be complementarian and practice male headship, we often do so to the exclusion of healthy female participation. Our churches suffer for this, I believe, and I fear it can be discouraging for our sisters. It is a short trip from male headship to male domination in our fallen world, and I am trying to practice one without falling into the other."

I would love to see a post addressing this topic.

Ched said...

That would be no happy meal.