Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Brief Thought about the Tucson Massacre

I read a great blog post today by Kevin DeYoung. I encourage you to read it here. He brings up a couple of very good points that I think are definitely worth pondering. Here are a couple that struck me.

One, for all the talk about the murders, have you heard a single person in the media place the responsibility for the shooting squarely on the shoulders of the shooter himself? I cannot recall a single one. I heard the local sheriff blame ramped up political rhetoric and things of that nature. Some have blamed this on the man's "mental illness." But I have not heard anyone say, "This guy was a wicked, evil wretch. That's why he shot the Representative and the nine year old girl."

So I will say it, this man was evil. The blame for the murder of innocents falls squarely on his shoulders, and he should be the one to pay for the crime. There is no excuse, no upbringing, and no mental disorder that justifies his behavior. If he had the wherewithal to purchase a pistol and plan a murder, then he is morally culpable and wicked. It isn't the fault of either the Democrats or the Republicans.

Does that sound like radical talk to you?


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ferron brimstone said...

You are right, but he is not the only wicked evil wretch involved and honest straight forward talk rarely furthers a political agenda.