Monday, February 27, 2006

Da Boy Can Cook, Yeah.

Last night our church had our famous "Men's Chili Cook Off!". Listen, nobody cooks like folks in South Louisiana. Nobody. You may think that you have good food where you live, but you don't. Trust me. And we are serious about our food here. Deadly serious.

As the interloper to the group, the foreigner, the outsider, I was the heavy underdog in the event. Last year, my chili was voted the worst in the competition. This year, I redeemed myself by finishing an honorable second. That's me on the left holding my prize of chili powder, measuring cups, and of course, the silver cup medal. Since we are all Americans, the winner picked the hymn of his choice to sing. As a confession, I must say that some of the chili I ate was some stuff of legend. One chili in particular would curl your hair just by standing next to it. Now that's some hot chili! Just so you know, it's just as hot coming out as it is going in. Yowseh!


Waterfall said...

Congratulations! That sure was nice of them to let you win. ;-P

centuri0n said...

You mean when you spit it out, right? You didn't mean anything scatalogical in your comments about the passing of chili, I am sure.

... even if I am 100% certain you are right ...

Sojourner said...


Let me win?! I'll have you know that the judges were properly sequestered and the chili's were given to them in cups marked only by numbers. I nearly won fair and square.;)


If I had known you were coming over, I'd have cleaned the place up a bit.