Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rebuilding the Golden Mosque

I heard on NPR today that the United States government will be helping to pay for the rebuilding of the Golden Mosque that was blown up in Iraq. It was not blown up by US forces; it was blown up by other Muslims. Why, exactly, are we having to pay for this to be rebuilt? (By the way, YOU are contributing to rebuild a Mosque in Iraq. How do you like them apples?) I the US government going to pay for the rebuilding of the Churches burned in Alabama? My student pastor asked me this question, and I didn't have an answer. If not, doesn't that upset you somewhere deep down inside?


Jim said...

Wow, that is insane. I think that's taking tolerance a bit too far.

What do think will happen when the dome of the rock is blown up? I just hope no American is implicated in that one.

pilgrim said...

It's more about the appearance of tolerance.

And that's also a misuse of the meaning of tolerance.

So although nobody is truly "tolerant" of all things (nor should one be--for example we should not tolerate sin in our own lives, parents should not tolerate their children's disobedience, the courts should not tolerate crime.)
it is important in many circles to appear tolerant.
And that's a form of hypocrisy.

Jim said...

Pilgrim, are you being intolerant?

I won't tolerate your intolerance, after all we should be understanding of all viewpoints. Of course we cannot tolerate truth or the name of Jesus Christ.

Yeah, that word has been totally misappropriated. I was just being facetious earlier.

God bless,

pappy said...

I just think it is sad that to try to make some people across the world make hate us less (make no mistake - they will still hate us) we spend a lot of money rebuilding a building that contributes to hatred of us "infidels", yet when a dozen churches on our own soil are destroyed, our government wouldn't dare contribute to their rebuilding because it would be politicly incorrect.

I don't like them apples.

"Lord, have mercy on us."