Thursday, April 03, 2008

Personality Profiles are a Sham

I hate personality profiles. I hate them because I waste my time on them. I overthink them and speculate on the nature of the questions and what they are really asking. I always decide that I need to change a couple of answers after I submit them, and I am hardly ever satisfied with the results. More aggravatingly, I cannot seem to help but take them.

Today, I was sent two that everyone seems to be taking. They are both 45 question personality profiles. One is, "Which World Leader are You," and the other is "Which Movie are You." I turned out to be Mother Theresa and the Godfather. How is that even possible?

And how are you supposed to answer a question like this on a scale of accurate to not accurate?:

You desire the spotlight.

Obviously, I would enjoy more people to preach to on Sundays, and I would really like to write a book that lots of people would read. But does that mean I want the spotlight? So is that an accurate statement? Inaccurate? Sort of accurate? Forty-five questions like that and the day is nearly a waste.

Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not Sadam Hussein.


Waterfall said...

What? No links to the profile tests?

Brad Williams said...

Nina! Good to see you.:) Nope, I didn't link them because I was afraid that you might go and waste your time too. That, and I was too lazy to make the links. (That's pretty lazy, isn't it?;p)