Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Kills Me

I saw this by following a trail from Jonathan Moorehead's place on his Friday quotations. This is just too funny to pass up. I'll return to regular programming tommorrow. Do yourself a favor and go here and check this out.


kd said...

Hey Brad! Found your blog off another blog roll. Please tell Amy I said hello. I hope you guys are doing well there in Alabama! I'm working at Southern now. Long way off from the days at Southeastern!

Matt Emerson said...

Are you going to Together for the Gospel next week?

Brad Williams said...


I wish! I got to go last time, but not this time. My wife and I are expecting a baby Monday.:)

Matt Emerson said...

T4G was great, sorry you couldn't be there, but I think you had a legitimate excuse =-). Congrats on the baby girl!