Monday, June 02, 2008

Funny Quote for the Day

I got zilch in the creativity department, so I'll mooch off of others. This quote comes as a "critique" of the wardrobe choices in Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel of Matthew:

Some of the Jewish leaders have hats so ridiculous that even the Pope wouldn't wear them.

You can read the The 10 Worst Movies About Jesus for yourself. Funny stuff there.

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Matt Brown said...

Hey, Brad. Hope things are going well with your family and you're settling in with your new congregation. Take the time you need to return to blogging - I appreciate what you write.

Brad Williams said...

Thanks man. It's nice to be missed. I just came by to see if I had put up any new content.:p

Will said...

I think creativity is over rated. I think it was Spurgeon that said that too much creativity makes for a dull sermon.

Ron said...

Glad to see a Baptist Church in the Albertville area looking at the Doctrines of Grace.

Here are some sites that might be helpful to your congregation- - pretty deep for the average lay person but an great resource for those that are willing to struggle through it. - dedicated to returning Baptists to reformed theology. - James Whites website, He often does debates on Calvinism and Arminianism. - resource section of John MacArthurs website, lots of good stuff here too. - another great site. Check out the book store too.

I hope some of these help.