Monday, October 03, 2005

Bathroom Humor with Martin Luther

I have to confess something to you all, I was a bit nervous about posting the bathroom episode for the whole world to read, but I simply could not help myself.  Try as I might, I cannot help being the semi-doofus that I am.  I struggle with this aspect of my personality.  I am afraid that it makes me less Puritanish.

I do, however, have a scapegoat.  I blame everything on Martin Luther.  I think that he has rescued me from turning into a stiff shirt on more than one occasion.  John Calvin, theological genius that he was, is not known for his sense of humor.  At the risk of having rotten tomatoes thrown at me, I will also confess that I can only take him in doses.  Yes, I learn from him.  Yes, I admire him.  Yes, I wish I could grow a pointy beard like he had just once. I simply can’t read him all the time.  I start to wither.  I sometimes need a good laugh.

When I do start to grow old and dusty like a book page, before my time I might add, I turn to Martin Luther.  I pick one of his magnificent Three Treatises and I read it.  They are so not boring!  He is definitely my favorite old, dead Reformational writer hands down.  I highly, highly recommend you to read his Three Treatises.

However, and this is why I can blame my problems on Luther, do not pick up Luther’s Tabletalk if you are easily offended.  Also, I must warn you that Luther often talked about potty habits.  Having the juvenile, immature mind that I have, he cracks me up.

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