Thursday, October 06, 2005


Wow. It seems that I have jumped up the evolutionary chain to a Slithering Reptile. In case you do not know what that means yet, there is a ranking system in the blogworld that rates you based on the number of links you have and your average daily visits. It is ranked on an "evolutionary" scale. I just popped up to "Slithering Reptile" from "Crawly Amphibian." I think I'll go sun myself.


Daniel said...

Is that a crawly amphibian hanging from the jaws?? Ouch - that just makes it hurt that much more.

Sojourner said...


Yeah, I thought the symbolism was appropriate...until I devovle back to where I came from.

You know, we could probably join the League of Reformed bloggers and jump another two categories, but isn't that a bit like selling out? (Centuri0n the stat junky took that plunge, and now he's a Large Mammal.)