Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Falwell, Hagee, and Israel

As an update, Pastor Falwell has put out an article here. Thank the Lord that this report has been debunked as untrue. Now, are we certain that Hagee doesn't believe in the Trinity?


ColinM said...

After reading my comment, I can see the confusion:

Hagee does NOT deny the trinity; he denies Jews will go to hell without Christ.

The others I mentioned deny the Trinity.

I was lumping Hagee in with the others as a group of authors that are popular in evangelicalism today precisely because their audiences are ignorant of the implications of heretical doctrine, not that they all hold to the same heresies.

Sorry for the confusion.

ColinM said...

After reading the Falwell article, Hagee has either flip-flopped. repented, lied, or is confused. I have been called an anti-semite by one of his church members for saying we need to evangelize Jews.

See this article for substantiated evidence of his dual-covenant leanings:

(Sorry for the barrage, Brad, this is the last comment...probably)

Sojourner said...

We will see how it developes. Don't worry about the barrage, it keeps things from getting sleepy around here.

Jim said...

That is good news, I was really concerned about that statement.

God bless,

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Give a guy like Hagee enough rope and he will eventually hang himself.