Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is He Mad?

If you are unaware of the plight of Abdul Rahman, then you should find out about it. He is being tried in court for being a Christian, and if he is convicted he will most likely receive the death penalty. The court in Afghanistan thinks he may be insane. What do you think? Go here and decide for yourself.


Daniel said...

I say...


ColinM said...

Sane...and the world!

PRaise GOD! It looks like the hardliners of Islam DO cave to external pressure! Secularism, let us not forget, is JUST AS smart and crafty as ISLAM, because both have the same crafter and strategist...and it isn't God.

What could this mean to the potential converts in this country? How many missionaries will this embolden?

BTw, send me a couple of plane tickets to Louisville and I will see you there. Deal?

Sojourner said...


If I had the money, I'd fly you there. Talk to Daniel; he's a computer guy. Everyone knows that computer guys are rolling in the dough.

ColinM said...


Have I ever told you how much I admire your comments?

Daniel said...


Be warm and filled.