Monday, March 13, 2006

John Owen and My Pea Brain

I recently began reading John Owen's book The Grace and Duty of Being Spiritually Minded. This is my second attempt at getting through this book, and thus far my steadfastness has paid off. John Owen is not the easiest read. You actually have to think, and that's part of my problem.

I have the same feeling when I read John Owen that I have when I read Jonathan Edwards. First, I am glad that my first name is also John. There have been many brilliant men with that name, and I am part of the exception that proves that rule. My second thought is that blogs and modern technology are destroying any capacity I may have had for serious thought in segments longer than two paragraphs.

John Owen can write more about Romans 7:6 than I could put into an entire Systematic Theology. He also succeeds in deflating my pride in the realm of simple spiritual conduct and thought. And last but not least, I am also grieved that 95% of the Christian population could not read John Owen at all. They would be bored to death after five pages.

I just thought that I would share that today. I am having a creative flatline. Hopefully, I will be blessed with the ability to share something of worth in the near future. After reading Owen, I wonder if I ever have?

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Jonathan Moorhead said...

"After reading Owen, I wonder if I ever have?"

Great line. Owen is a challenge, but wonderful!