Monday, July 18, 2005

Caving to the Craving

I gave in. I couldn't stand it anymore. I got myself one of those "hit counters". I had to know how many people were looking at my blog. They may as well call it a "flesh counter", because I am certain with every hit my pride will be more stoked. Or else, maybe I'll be deeply depressed because I threw a party and no one came.
I blame Lynn. I think she made the comment about "how fun they were" and I instantly caved. Thanks Lynn. You may as well have said, "Aw c'mon! Everybody else is doing it!" Alas, I am no better than my forerunners.

I am full of vanity and pride. The evidence of this is that I have already obsessively and compulsively clicked my counter a half a dozen times and it has only been on my site for three minutes. *sigh* If you're reading this, know that I am already aware that you have visited. If you listen, I believe that you can probably hear me in the background. Hear that? *click* *click* *click* What have I done?


Pappy said...

Peer pressure ain't just for high schoolers, eh?

Donna said...

Oh, you're pretty funny, lol. A little tip: the sitemeter is like the scale, just checking it once a day is plenty. Anymore than that and you'll become obsessed. Oops, too late.

Waterfall said...

Uh-oh. You're a goner now.

I used to check obsessively, then got sick of it. Or maybe it's just that I quit blogging so much and, expectedly, my visitorship went down. Maybe if I blogged more and more people visited, I'd check it a lot again.

LOL, I just noticed your gratuitous link--funny!!

Deb said...

Once you see all the people who visit your site and where they come will wonder why in the world all these folks don't comment when they visit and let you know they were there! But there are lurkers in the land.

We check our stats several times a day, too. It's impossible not to--unless we're not home :)