Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My Son Begins Manhood...

Okay, this may be a little premature considering he's only eight months old, but he 'sort of' got a man initiation tonight. Mom left dad to babysit and all went well...until bedtime. After taking him to change into his pajamas, I realized that nothing was clean. So, I went through and sniffed all his dirty pajamas until I/we found the one that smelled the freshest.

We were proud. It was a true father son moment and a lesson that I hope he treasures throughout college.


My wife has read the latest post, and I have been properly and thoroughly chastised. I have been made to promise (though with crossed fingers) that I will mainly stick to theology. It is to my everlasting shame that I must also report that there were indeed clean sleepers. Further, I must report that the reason I could not find them is due to the fact that I neither know who to look for things nor find them when I do. This is also blamed on my maleness. I can find a deer in a briar patch and a fish under a log, but I cannot find neatly folded baby sleepers hidden by a 2 inch sticky note.

And finally, if any teenage men should be reading this site, especially college aged men, I neither condone nor encourage such barbaric behavior as sniffing laundry to determine its cleanliness. I have been told that blue jeans may be worn twice if the first wear was brief. This rule is nullified if you were fishing in them, even if only for a little while and you caught no fish. Again, I apologize to anyone who may have been duped into wearing filthy clothes to work this morning, and I beseech you all to intercede on behalf of my son so he will not turn into the brute that I have become (despite the best efforts of my mother.)


Julie said...

Well I know your wife is so proud that this is posted on your site for everyone to read. Hopefully when he reaches the teen years you will not have to constantly say, "Did you take a bath? or "Weren't those the clothes you had on yesterday? I praying Ethan is not scarred for life.


Keith said...


Im not sure if that is manhood or barbarianism. Just don't teach him that he is more manly the louder he can....well, never mind. Maybe Julie's prayers will work.

Mrs.Trogdor said...

You missed a great opportunity to show your son that REAL men do laundry. :)

Sojourner said...

I see that you have been trying to train this man gene out of your boys. I commend you dutiful, if somewhat vain efforts.

Mrs. Trogdor:
Hello! It's good to see you. Your observation is a valid one. However, I must object on a few grounds:
1. I did and do the diaper duty.
2. It was too late for laundry duty.
3. I am not allowed to do laundry for certain reasons.


Et tu, Speeka? Then fall Caesar.

Paula said...

You are so funny, Sojourner. I have a friend who has two grown sons and now a baby girl. He makes me laugh when he talks about the 'sniff test' and the 'Febreeze solution.' Frankly, I wouldn't want to smell like that stuff.
Baby Sojourner will be fine, I sure.

Anonymous said...

Have you been doing that smell test on your own clothes lately? I thought I smelled something funny in church Sunday. Just wondering if it may have been you. We may have to start lighting candles in the sanctuary.

Sojourner said...

That's it. No more anonymous posters Jay Hebert.

julie said...

I was wondering why my mom was burning candles last week. Now I know.

DeadCoyote said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
pappy said...

that is not cool. i had to signup to be a blogger to be able to post. this is becoming a lot of work just to make fun of stinky!

DeadCoyote said...

Guess he just can't take the heat or smell.

ColinM said...

I am perplexed still. Why was it wrong? The goal is not to be smelly-don't want to have the smelly kid in class.

On the jean rule- you can wear them more than twice IF they are not overly stretched in the knee area, and there area no dirt-stains. The real issue for college students is sheets- have to wash your sheets more than once a semester. OR, if you want an extra incentive to stay true to God and keep girls out of your room, you can wash them once.


anonymous said...

Very uncool to block anonymous comments.

Erin said...

This is hilarious!

julie said...

Sojourner--Where are you? Come in Sojourner. This has become a mystery. Who could anonymous be?

Sojourner said...

Finally, another man joins the discussion.

To my Friends:

A stranger takes up for me! True is the word of the Lord! "A prophet is not without honor except in his own country, among his own relatives, and in his own house." And may I add, among his own friends! Oh woe is me that I should have to live and labor amongst such treachery.

centuri0n said...

Pastor Brad:

The most effective way to handle that situation is to spray each item with lysol. That way the stuff on the bottom is certainly germ-free, if nothing else.

I won't call DHS on you if you won't call DHS on me. Deal?

centuri0n said...

Oh yeah: don't blog about family unless they know you're going to do it. That's a life-saving skill.

julie said...

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials,knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
James 1:2-4

pappy said...

Im not so sure that Mr. James was not talking about suffering for the cause of "stench", but for Christ. Maybe this verse is more applicable.

Prov 21:25
The desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labor.