Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Checking In

I'm going to be busy most of the day at the shelter here in Plaquemine. We were up late last night cooking a monster spaghetti for 400 people. I still stink like onions. We had to cut up about 30 lbs. of them for the meal. We were all weeping like crazy. We had an onion revival.

Today, we will be serving our spaghetti concoction for lunch. Food for the hungry in the name of Jesus. That's a good way to spend a day. Later, I'm going to blog on why I'm irked about the Red Cross some more.

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Anonymous said...

Oh are they charging for their "work"? Hmmmm, my aunt says they were doing that clear back in Korea where her husband had to serve. And they made it where I had to sign a paper not to have blood during surgery some years ago...would not let us designate whose blood we got, nor save up our own prior to surgery. They had control of all that in our town...I think now they do not, but that was about 1987. Sorry...
we have been sure since that time we never gave blood for them, nor gave money, etc. etc. We are not interested in our charity money going to feather their pockets frankly!

Good for you...some preachers are afraid to get their hands dirty and you are willing to smell like an onion and cry all day!! God bless you for that!! We are trying to figure out how we can help those refugees in the main city of our state, nearby.