Monday, September 12, 2005

ThirstySoul Update!

In case you didn’t know, I also have a website called ThirstySoul It has been sorely neglected since my arrival in the blogworld, but it has finally been revamped and updated.  And, IMHO, it looks fabulous.  There, you may download sermons as you wish, much to my humiliation.  

Also, I have several articles there that I have written that are, I hope, more profound than the things that you will find here.  The articles there are longer, and they are more theological in nature.  Basically, they aren’t just things I “pop off” like I do here.


Anonymous said...
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Daniel said...

Took a peek at ThirstySoul - the color scheme (pastel pink, blue, and yellow) reminded me of my highschool days when those were the "in" colours of all the cool people :)

Nice blog btw.

Sojourner said...

You are absolutely right about the pastels, though I hadn't noticed it until you said something. My sister-in-law is the genius behind the design, and she is very hip.