Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Internet Jargon and Etc.

I am supposed to be writing something of substance for our monthly newsletter, but I’m drawing a blank right now.  (I’m just getting over a stomach virus, so I think being here is an accomplishment.)  Instead of doing something more useful, I am scrolling through blogs, which leads me to this post.

I am fairly new to the internet/blogworld.  So, I am kind of behind on the learning curve.  This explains why my blog is so ugly and plain.  I pretend like it is because I am a Puritan at heart, and that I only want people to visit because of the substance of my posts, but I would really like it if I had the graphic genius of the <Pyromaniac.
Because I have been too proud to ask, I have had some difficulty understanding blog jargon.  I have no idea what an RSS feed is.  I have no idea what a “loop” is, and I am amazed that some people have the ability to put music on their blogs.  I don’t even know what html stands for.  I can’t even change my blog’s colors or post pictures without help.  It amazes me that I have visitors at all considering how ugly this place is.  But, I guess some of you actually like the posts!  I can’t imagine what would happen if I had programming capability…or whatever it takes to make the place look decent.

The post of this rambling post is that there is some jargon out there that you need to know about.  I have had to figure it out on my own, and I may be wrong on some of it, but here goes:

  1. LOL= Laughing Out Loud  (People are LOL-ing all the time on the web.  It’s a fun place.)

  2. ROFL= Rolling On the Floor Laughing (This is when something is really funny.  Not just chuckle funny.)

  3. IMO= In My Opinion (This is used when giving one’s opinion.  Go figure.)

  4. IMHO= In My Humble Opinion (This is used when giving one’s opinion in an arrogant way.  Go figure.)

  5. FWIW= For What It’s Worth (It took me forever to figure this one out, FWIW.)

  6. FYI= For Your Information (Okay, not net jargon, but somebody may NTK!  That’s Need To Know, and I made that up myself.)

There are some others, but I haven’t figured them out yet.  Maybe some of my more astute readers can let me in on the jargon.  


Heather said...

I feel ya. For the longest time, I thought HTML was some sort of abbreviation for Hotmail. Anyway, I don't know if you heard, but Scott, the ex-husband's, dad passed away. Well, actually he was murdered by a meth head in Las Vegas who decided to plow his car into a crowd because they looked like demons. Please keep that family in your prayers and me because I'm having a hard time explaining it to Brady. Six-year-olds don't grasp murder. Thanks Brad!

MColvin said...

I like the outlay of your site. Easy to navigate and the green is a nice tint of "frog". You site has been a joy, don't worry about the bells and whistles, your content makes it a worthy site to visit.

P.S. You still need a J. Michigan Frog caption above your picture.

Daniel said...

Singing: Everybody's doing the Michegan ra-aaag.

Seriously - I sometimes use btw (By the way).

I often want to include a few made up ones just to confound those with savy.

Mrs.Trogdor said...

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blogs..keep 'em coming! :)

Waterfall said...

Yeah, I thought the green tint was a frog thing, too.

A lot of that jargon started with IM (instant messaging); many moons ago, back in the mid-90s when I first got AOL, I remember learning "LOL." LOL! :)

And you know that little :) thang is a smiley face, right?

You might sometimes see YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. We use that a lot on my hiking list.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is just fine...and you know more than I do...since I have no blog. But PLEASE do not feel obligated to change it...the words are what is important. And if you add music...it takes FOREVER AND A DAY to load on my computer and then is often jerky and a major annoyance anyway!! If you wish to give a link to us to hear a good song on the net someplace that is a different matter. Well, IMO, for what it is worth...not much.