Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bionic Eyeballs

Okay, I need some input from my readers. I have a consultation Monday about having eyeball laser surgery. My eyesight is rather sorry, and without my contacts or glasses I am reduced to stumbling about like a drunkard. My world becomes a blurry mess without correction, but this laser-beam surgery is supposed to fix all that.

In fact, I am not even corrected to 20/20 with contacts. Well, maybe for a day, but by the time I leave the eye doctor my vision has gone south again. So, I am at last considering surgery for my eyes. My wonderful, precious eyes.

I have two reasons for considering this scary procedure. The surgery is surprisingly affordable, so I will actually save money in the long run. Contacts cost money, and after this procedure I won't need them. Another is that it would be so wonderful not to have to wear contacts or glasses ever again.

However, I have to admit that the idea of a laser beam slicing open my eyeball is not a very comforting thought. I would have less revulsion over the removal of a kidney. Indeed, I believe I am more in love with my eyes than my kidneys. You may find this silly, but I don't. I doubt I could maintain sanity if I couldn't read my cereal box in the morning, not to mention that I wouldn't be able to read Scripture.

So, what do you guys think? Have you had this surgery? Do you think I'm nuts for this? (My wife thinks I'm nuts because I haven't already done this.) What do you think? Is it too risky, or am I being a weenie?


MColvin said...


Rory had it done about 4 years ago. Great investment and she can actually see now. Her vision was
-8.5. That's really bad. She'd be happy to talk to you about it. The important thing is to research your physician. Don't let a couple hundreds dollars drive you away from a good one. Remember, God only gave us 2 eyes. I know several others that have had it done also with no complications. As long as you follow their directions, you'll be very happy you had it done.

ColinM said...

I had it done and would do it again. It has saved me money for sure, and the hassle of wearing contacts is not missed.

You buddy is right about the doctor. Don't necessarily look for the one with the best ads and best deals. Research the physician, call your eye doctor and ask him who the best is. Surgery is the easiest part for the doctor- you will have appointments regularly for an entire year to make sure everything is healing correctly and no complications arise. You definitely do not want a doctor too far away to meet every 2 weeks, then every month, etc., or that would be too busy to check you throroughly.

I highly recommend it. Be prepared though, because although your wife will look more beautiful and drive you more crazy more often, some people actually get uglier.

Jeremy Weaver said...

My boss just had it done yesterday. He's doing good so far. I need to have it done as well, just gotta save my pennies.

Jim said...

I would love to get laser eye surgery one day as well. The two restraining factors being some pesos and confidence in the procedure.

Of course for some people with extremely bad sight they really have nothing to lose.

Julie said...

DO IT!!! You will love it. Call Dr. Woo at the clinic behind the Lady of the Lake. She is a Christian. You will know it when you meet her.

Mike Perrigoue said...

I'm blind without my contacts or glasses too. This surgery is something I've been thinking about for some time now. Man, if a pastor can afford to save up and get this done then surely I can. I'm so cheap...

Gummby said...

Looks like I'm the exception.

For contacts, I'm a 6 in one eye, 6.5 in the other, & I don't plan on getting the surgery. I've watched two or three of those news shows on botched surgeries, & I just don't want to risk it.

I thought about it when I was flirting with the idea of going to work for the Secret Service or FBI, but now that I'm too old for that, I don't see the point. If that makes me a weenie, so be it--at least I can see.

I figure I'll have 20/20 when I get to heaven. I need work more on walking faith than by sight anyway.

BugBlaster said...

Ho Matt, you're my twin. These days my eyes hover between 6 & 6.5. They've gone as high as 7 and as low as 5.5 since I've been an adult; such variability a sign of an unstable personality.

Another horror story for you Brad... a surgeon at our church had the surgery. It was botched, and his overall vision suffered as well has his night vision (not good for a darkened operating theatre with bright task lighting). He had to wear contacts and glasses after that. But one or two more surgeries fixed the problem for him. No I think he is corrective-lens free.

You're welcome!

Jeremy Weaver said...

Is your God Sovereign or not?

MColvin said...

The above are examples of why you should do research on your doctor. Sarah Hayes in Bham was one of the first to do the surgery. She worked in the experimental phases and has been doing it since 1996, I believe. When Rory had hers done back in 2001 or 2002 (can't remember exactly), Dr. Hayes had performed over 3,000 surgeries with no major complications. Of course, she'll warn you of the worst case scenarios, ie, a man in Miami went water skiing soon afterwards, caught a fungal infection in his eye and wound up losing both his eyes. He went against his surgeons precautions though. No standing water baths or pools and especially lake water for a certain period of time. Just do your research and make yourself comfortable before and you'll be comfortable afterwards.


Gummby said...

Darth Doxo: first of all, given your eye condition, I wouldn't talk. Second, if God wanted me to have 20/20, He would'a done it. And He still can, if He wants.

Just not with lasers.

Waterfall said...

I have continually worsening eyes and the idea of laser surgery terrifies me. The Hubster got it done several years ago and has been 100% happy with it.

I'm sticking to my contacts, though.