Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gospel Blogger Meeting!

Something scary is going to happen at the Together for the Gospel Convention, 2006. All the bloggers who are out there blogging for the Lord are going to meet. That's right, you'll have to crawl out from behind your monitor and show your pale, sun deprived face to the rest of us. I know for many blogger, introverted types that this is a horrifying thing to contemplate. You can be so eloquent on the keyboard, but face to face is a whole new ball of wax. Well, you can relax. We're all friends there.

If you are interested in finding out how nerdy I am, please go to Timmy Brister's place and let him know that you will be there. As I understand, the meeting will be held prior to the conference while registration is going on. So come on, don't be a chicken. Let's meet and hang out. We'll do lunch one day. No, I'm not necessarily paying. I may if you are a starving seminary student, but if you are a starving pastor you are on your own.

Oh yeah, and when you email Timmy, let me know that you are going. I'd like to run an FBI check on you before we get together.

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