Monday, February 04, 2008

Puritan Reading Challenge Continues!

For those of you who are keeping up, it is now February. I hope that you've finished Richard Sibbes' The Bruised Reed. I confess that I am a few pages short, but I will finish it within the week. It is my second time through the book, and I confess that it has blessed me more the second time through than the first.

The next book we'll read is John Flavel's The Mystery of Providence. I am stoked about it. Hopefully, it will help answer a couple of the "noodle burner" questions about God's orchestration of all things. Hang in there! Keep reading! And if you have a favorite quote from your reading of Sibbes, why don't you share it in the comment section?

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Lisa writes... said...

Okay, I'm still reading...but one sentence I liked is this: "We are only poor for this reason, that we do not know our riches in Christ."

And speaking of quotes, along the lines of your noodle burning series, I read this on another blog today: "Man’s dislike at God’s sovereignty arises from his suspicion of God’s heart."