Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Still and So Restful

So still and so restful she lays,
Cold against mother’s breast
The warmth that was hers fading
Even as hot tears come to mother’s cheek.

Her life was brilliant and short
Like a shooting star streaking and burning~
Mother saw and wished and hoped
But could not keep her here

So mother holds her and remembers
The kicks and rolls and sickness
And joy and wonders why she went
So quickly and could not stay

So still and so restful she lays,
Mother’s shooting star that
Seared the joy of life into her heart
And has left her mark there forever

Update: My wife and our baby are doing well. I wrote this poem from going through this experience with others and not my own.


Anonymous said...

How sad and yet so beautiful...I am so moved....


Lisa writes... said...

I had to come check it out as soon as possible, and you're right: it's sad. Looks like we blogged on two sides of the same topic today...

I particularly like the line "seared the joy of life into her heart." I don't know this kind of grief, but I do know the searing of a mother's heart.

Anonymous said...

May the Lord Jesus Christ keep all them that grieve in such a place that their peace is always perfect. For He that is Lord of all is good.

Anonymous said...

I had several very difficult situations this week and I am grateful, yes thankful, that I was able to thank God for them. I had to deal with some things that really were extremely taxing on a personal level, and I am so so very willing to praise God for these things. This is my prayer for all and for our church, that in ALL things we give thanks!
Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has come in the flesh and been resurrected from the grave and is on the right hand of God the Father!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Christian, I hear ya! It's not everyday we get to hear a testimony like we heard today. To hear a man speak of losing his son and all he was willing to do to try and save his son. And yet, he now can praise God and lift Him up in spite of it....even,,, BECAUSE of it. Powerful witness.Just listening to him talk about made us cry, but cry tears of appreciation for his witness and the Spirit was right there in the midst of us. To God be the glory!!