Saturday, August 27, 2005

He Huffed and He Puffed...

Looks like Hurricane Katrina is going to blow right up the mouth of the Mississippi. The Mississippi River is about two miles from my house so, if you see a guy standing on his roof on CNN, and if he's waving, it might be me.

Seriously, I don't think that it'll get that bad here. But New Orleans may go underwater.

I have, as a precaution bought, gas for my grill, bottled water, and batteries for my flashlight. I have to hurry out now and buy new books. Those are as important as water during a disaster. If I can't blog, I will read.


The Hurricane is streaking ever nearer to our position. I have rolled up my britches in order to wade the surf. If you want to figure out how bad we're getting slammed, Plaquemine is just across the mighty Mississippi from Baton Rouge.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to take care and get otta Dodge if it looks like it will be a problem up your way! Seems each time I look at the map, it changes direction a little bit!
Prayers for your safety,

JIBBS said...

Don't take any unnecessary risks bro! Gather your flock and RUN!

Praying for your safety! said...

dear brad williams,

please, when u r able to do so, send me a few paragraphs of description of what Katrina did to Plaquemine.....I lived in Plaquemine from 1943-1946...from the age of 12 to 15...peace, david inkey...