Monday, August 22, 2005

So, How is This Practical?

I often feel sick on Mondays. It's a general feeling of depression. Well, it's more like a sinking sensation mixed with a twist of helplessness and futility, kind of like those dreams you have where there is terrible danger ahead but you are unable to scream. I understand that this is a common malady for pastors. My dad calls it "the mullygrubs." I'm not sure what a mullygrub is, but it can't be pretty, and neither are Mondays.

On Mondays, I have this horrible feeling that no one in the church (as a whole, not just my own) really cares about theology. I fear that the mere mention of this term works like a sleep enchantment on the minds of the faithful. What's worse is that I'm afraid that I know why.

The Church believes that theology isn't practical and that it doesn't meet our needs. Further, it only divides "Christians" and causes feuds. Isn't this really why we don't study theology?

I'm glad that Monday is almost over. I hope that tomorrow I will awake and be free of the mullygrubs, and that many will have a copy of Wayne Grudem's systematic theology book thoroughly read and underlined.

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