Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Quick Comment

At the risk of alienating all my readership, I must note an observation that I have made. The weekend before this one, I thought everyone had abandoned me. My 'site meter' is rather new, and I wasn't prepared for the sudden drop of hits over the weekend. On Monday, I noticed that it picked back up. I dismissed it happily because people were looking at the site again. My ego was intact.

Then this weekend I noticed the same trend. I was baffled. Now I realize what's going on. You guys are reading this while you're supposed to be working, arent' you! You slacker! I hope your boss is creeping up behind you right this very moment. I hope the hairs on your neck are standing on end, and that you can feel his/her eyes looking over your shoulder and reading your screen. Shame on you! Shame! Shame!

Just thought I'd poke some fun at you. I have to go now...my secretary may catch me messing around on the blog again. Also, I need to check my site meter. I haven't clicked it in the past 30 seconds.


Erin said...

Now that you've figured us out you can help out a little. Keep it short and sweet. The shorter the blog, the less likely we'll get busted while reading it.

centuri0n said...

As if ... it's my job to read your blog. The denomination pays me to do it, and boy, are they glad.

Paula said...

Okay, Sojourner. So's yer ego don't get all big and fussy on ya's: traffic falls off for most of us on the weekends. It's a big-bad-bloggin' fact o' life.
'Course fer you...since you got such a fiiiine set of friends out there...

heehee. I think you are doing a great job and even when I don't 'hit' ya, you should know you're bookmarked.