Monday, August 29, 2005

We're Fine

We weathered the storm. Our yard is a mess, and we lost power for about 7 hours, but that's about it. The Church took a little damage, but it was very minor. (We lost a couple of outdoor ceiling fans, a gutter, and a couple of trees.)

If you have seen reports of the damage in Plaquemine's Parish, that's not us. We're Plaquemine City, and we live in Iberville Parish. If that confuses you, join the crowd. I've told my family that about 200 times, and they still call every five minutes to tell me that I'm underwater.

Thank you for the prayers. Contine to pray for those who are displaced from the storm. Our local SBC Churches will be gearing up our disaster response teams. We should have opportunities to witness the gospel to people in need.


JIBBS said...

It's good to hear you're all okay. I hope your churches have many opportunities to share the Gospel and help those in need. Still praying for you, as I'm sure many are.

Anonymous said...

Wow...good to hear you are ok! Blessings on future witnessing opportunities too!

centuri0n said...

God is good even when the weather is bad and you have people like me praying for you.

Glad you're well. Blog if you need anything.