Friday, August 05, 2005

My Near Apathy for Politics

I must be knee deep in sin. I simply cannot understand the fascination with politics at all. I vote, and I encourage my congregation to vote their conscience, but that's about it. I know that this probably upsets people, but I really don't care.

I am a patriotic american, as far as that goes. I served for six honorable years in the Army National Guard as a radio guy. Sometimes, I actually miss the military. I had serious thoughts about becoming a Chaplain while in seminary, but then I remembered all that running....

I read Hugh Hewitt and Instapundit from time to time. I also like La Shawn Barber's Corner . But I just can't get into it. Honestly, it doesn't matter that much to me if John Roberts gets inducted as a Supreme Court Justice or not. And if I get one more Focus on the Family email warning me that God will judge me if I'm idle in contacting my Senator I'll...I'll mark it with a delete check just like I do everything else. *sigh*

It's not that I think these things important. I do. Did I mention that I vote? But, so is waiting on widows. James writes, "Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble" (James 1:27a). However, thus sayeth the Apostles also, "It is not desirable for us to leave the Word of God and serve tables" (Acts 6:2). Who would they be serving at those tables? Widows!!

Here is the point I'm attempting to make, right or wrong. I feel no inclination whatsoever in my duty as a Minister of the Gospel to waste precious time beseeching my Senator to do whatever he ought to be doing in the first place. I will not leave the Word of God to pester Congress or the judiciary. It makes no difference in my ministry if they go so far as to outlaw the gospel in the USA. If God grant me boldness and an audience, I would still preach the gospel Sunday morning. I would not waste time lobbying for new legislation to overturn such an unjust law.

But, if it came up for a vote, I would speak my voice. So Dr. Dobson, leave me alone. I already voted for my Senator, and I will vote next time. Until now and then, I will leave them to tend their business and I will tend to mine.


ColinM said...

As minister of the gospel, you are right-don't waste your time. But, as a citizen of this country, you must pay attention. By God's grace, we have people like Dr. Dobson who pay attention for us.

I think of it like money-the country, that is. We don't gamble as Christians because God has given us money as a kind of loan. We are to be stewards of His possessions, using it always for God-centered purposes (which can include entertainment). In much the same way, we are stewards over this country God has graciously given us, whether or not He blessed the means which brought it into being.

Therefore, being a steward of this nation, you must own up to your responsibility as a citizen, and not only vote, but vote your concious, your voice, your values, your children's future, etc... This naturally means paying attention to who will lead this country where. For me, I rely on a Christian doctor (not theologian) Dr. Dobson, along with Al Mohler and Tony Perkins.

Ultimately, if we believe sincerely in the call of God, we must consider if God has given certain members of the body the call to be aware of these issues (political and social within the political arena), and to alert the body of them. In fact, some Christians are bound to get the call to be those Senators and Justices...

Way more to say...more about me agreeing with your apathy and tired of the politics, but will save it for my blog.

Phil said...

My own representatives are good at carrying the Christian viewpoint (pretty conservative area) so other than an email here or there to confirm the worthy positions they take, I don't spend much time on them.

As citizens there are roles we and organizations can play (and ought to given God's blessings on us). The time and effort we devote to them has to be worked out with God and His instructions. Some people seem to be called to do that king of stuff and are gifted at it. Others have more personal things to do and involve themselves less. Spending time with others in God honoring activities is very important. Sometimes those activities can have a political nature.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that trying to change things politically is rather like trying to save the dike by poking a finger in here and there. Certainly there are times to do rather political things...stand alongside a road quietly in protest of abortion, etc. But we have done our time in political arenas...including being delegates for one party at the state level. Including helping a friend get into office and another worthy man to also. Done doing that. It has occured to us that doing things politically is rather like the attitude most of modern medicine has taken in this country...treating the symptoms rather than the cause. The cause of our sick country and society stems from sin....pure and simple. We need changed hearts...then we will have a changed country!! Or so it seems to I agree with you!

ColinM said...

Carrying on the doctor analogy...

I agree that addressing political change is in fact treating the symptoms. However, if a person came into the ER with swollen brain from domestic violence, the docs would treat the symptoms to either save the life, treat the injury or reduce the pain. They do not forego treating symptoms until the cause (the domestic violence) is addressed.

In the current political climate, I think it is important for us to protect our innocent babies, our children's future, and the sanctity of life. The early Christians went out to the hills to collect unwanted or discarded babies. We are following their example while still respecting authority. I do agree that too much involvement in the political circles(or too great an affiliation with a political party)inevitably leads focus away from the gospel and our "other worldliness". So, like all things, we are to temper it. I for one am glad there are those who are called to be involved in politics, because I find that preoccupies my time I need to spend in communion with the Holy SPirit.