Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's Man Day!!!

I am pumped up, ladies and gentlemen. Today is NFL Fantasy Football Draft day!!!!! We have 12 armchair quarterbacks at my brother-in-law's house, gallons of coffee, stacks of ESPN magazines, printouts, cheat sheets, and basically any form of divination that we can call upon to tell us whether or not our favorite Running Back will break his leg in game one. There is no Ouija board. In my zeal for the Lord, I threw it away when I arrived. It wasn't mine, it was someone else's. I threw it away because they are of Satan, and because I was afraid the Devil would tell someone who to pick to ruin my season. He hates me, you know. I did not paint my face this year. I have to preach tomorrow.

The draft starts in five minutes. I can't wait. Bring on it, big dawgs!!

One quick prayer before I go,
"Oh Lord, could you please let everyone overlook Daunte Culpepper until my pick?"


The Lord did not let me have Culpepper. I can only guess it's because he will be injured.

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Matt C. said...

Great stuff and good luck. You got me rolling on the Culpepper comment.